The Buller Gorge Swingbridge Adventure and Heritage Park

Comet Line

Try a ride high above the river on our high speed Comet Line. This 160m flying fox or zip line ride is suitable for all ‘young at heart’ ages. Comfortably seated and safely strapped in, you’ll love the sensation.

Tandem Comet Line

Take the ride together with a friend – the more weight on the ride the faster it goes! Suitable for all ages. A great ride for couples or parents with children.


Cometline ride:
Adult – $40, Child – $20

Does not include bridge admission

Supaman Ride

The adrenaline seeker will love the ‘Supaman’ ride, which invloves launching into the air for a harnessed flight, without the security of a seat.


Supaman ride:
Adult – $70

Does not include Bridge Admission

Prices applicable from October 2023.
Child prices, where applicable, apply to 14 years and under.